Bad Attitude

Bonus: 8% extra damage output

Black Dragon

Bonus: 4% extra damage output

Corps Explosion

Bonus: 2% extra attack when training

Death Torture

Bonus: 2% extra defense when training

Divine Aura

Bonus: 5% extra defense when training

Divine Dragon

Bonus: 5% extra determination when training

Divine Guardian

Bonus: 5% extra attack when training

Divine Light

Bonus: 5% extra speed when training

Divine Master

Bonus: 5% extra intelligence when training

Dragon Stalker

Bonus: 6% extra damage output

Focused Fire

Bonus: 3% extra damage output

Focused Soul

Bonus: 2% extra determination when training

Fusion Star

Bonus: 5% extra damage output

Holy Water

Bonus: 7% extra damage output


Bonus: 1% extra damage output

Lethal Mark

Bonus: 2% extra damage output

Moon Fire

Bonus: 2% extra speed when training

Potion of Wisdom

Bonus: 2% extra intelligence when training

The Curse

Bonus: You can not be ambushed for 24 hours