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    Default how do i play this game? cant find how to even start it, just loads of pages of nothi

    how do I play this game theres no way to start it? all it does is tell me what the game is about how u do things what the classes are etc. where is the game? just a stupid homepage with nothing else there............!!!!

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    In the top right corner after you click Log In. You'll see button that says "Back to the game" there's no 3d aspect its all just text based. The game guides all provide a step-by-step intro to anything you might need. Of course if you have questions i'll gladly answer them.

    Sorry for the late reply, was away from the game for a while!

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    "VDragonball RPG
    The only 3D browser DBZ game
    in the world!"
    So you are saying that this has no 3d is a (broken) text-based game"

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    Yes, this isn't even a game, it's more like thousands of walls of text, it's not even flappy bird quality! FLAPPY. BIRD.

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    I can't see it... why? This sucks....




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