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Thread: Chat Rules

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    Default Chat Rules

    Please be aware that not knowing the rules or not understanding them, does not excuse you from the consequences. If you do not understand a rule, please ensure that you ask a staff member to explain it.

    1) Personal Messages.

    All the rules apply to both PM and chat unless stated otherwise. The vDragonball staff are able to monitor any activity on both chat and PM's. If you are found to be breaking the rules via PM, you will be punished in the same way as main chat.

    2) Multiple Accounts

    Multiple Accounts are currently allowed in-game, however transactions between the two are monitored and if caught, will result in deletion of the account, inc. all stats etc. Once banned, you are unable to create a second account in order to get around the ban.

    3) Chat Moderation

    In the result of an issue on the chat system, contact a Game Moderator or Game Master, who should be able to deal with the issue. If you do not like what the staff is saying, please do what they ask and then if necessary, you can log a formal complaint on the Helpdesk system, which will be reviewed by certain, qualified staff.

    4) No asking for Zeni, Dragon Points or V-tokens

    Asking for items / shares is currently allowed within the chat, however can only be asked once. If the intended player replies advising they are not giving / selling anything, then the conversation ends. If you are found to be persistentently begging, you will be given a warning and removed from chat.

    5) Stat Posting

    Stat posting is allowed, however there is a limiation. Please do NOT copy/paste the data, but use the "/myprofile" command in-chat which will link the user to your own player profile which includes all your stats, as well as gain over the last 7 days. This avoids the chat being spammed by useless information.

    6) No Cursing.

    No method of cursing will be allowed on the chat. There are minors on the chat that do not wish to see cursing on there screens. This means all words that are censored, should be apologised for, and not tried to be made seen. This contains all swear words even if meant it a different context. Do not censor your own words with ****'s or #@$% or in any other way as this will also result in a warning.

    7) Advertising or Links.

    Links may be posted in the chat, however must be approved by a member of staff first. No vulgar / discriminating / offensive links may be sent. Links to other web-based games are also not allowed, however console games (PS3 / XBox etc) are.

    8) Harassment

    Respect other users in what they ask you to within reason. If they ask you to change your colour and it is a sensible reason why, then please do so. Please keep in mind that certain topics may offend other members so if you think it will, DON’T start the topic.

    9) Insulting Members.

    Remember, other members are real life people with feelings. Watch what you say to other members as you may offend them. If someone asks you not to call them something, please respect their wishes and do not call them that specific name.

    10) No racial, religious, or sexually inflammatory language

    The main rule on this chat is respect. Respect al those in chat and they will respect you back. This means that while logged into chat you behave with manners and without discriminating another member. These offences are taken very seriously and can result in a straight off ban. Discussions about religion or any such subject is allowed as long as you are not aiming to insult the other party and are not offending other members in the chat. There will be no sexual discussion among members of the chat, nor any kind of suggestions of sexual acts or nudity. Such discussion will result in being banned.

    11) Caps within Chat

    ALL CAPS is not allowed, you can use it to put emphasis to a word or part of a sentence. Use of caps in a sentence or line infrequently is still considered all caps so no "Yay I am NOT using ALL caps IN this SENTENCE.” this will be considered as circumventing the rules and treated as such.

    12) Do not spam or flood the chat

    While in chat, do NOT continuously write pointless and un-necessary questions / words that are not needed. This counts for writing Gibberish and random repeated letters, numbers and signs.

    13) Do not ask for privileges.

    Manners are a big part of any chat. Asking for permissions WILL get you banned. If we are currently looking for staff members, WE will let you know via the forum or by email. If you do not know how to be a mod, you are obviously not fit to be one. If you have applied for a Mod Position via application, do NOT ask about the matter. If you are accepted as a mod, somebody will contact you. If you ask about your application, it will be destroyed. You have been warned.

    14) English Only

    This is an obvious rule, and means that via Main chat you will speak only English, if you do not, you will be warned, then banned. You CAN speak your own language to others who also speak it in PM’s.

    15) No nudity

    Please keep in mind that there are minors on this website. Anyone violating this rule will be banned from the site immediately

    16) No illegal activities

    Any activities on this site that are illegal according to the Dutch law will NOT be tolerated. All members are responsible for any illegal content on their own computer according to their own law. Vdragonball.com will not be responsible in any way.

    17) No Private Information

    We ask that you do not give out personal information, e-mail address, phone numbers and home addresses. Keep this down to which country you are from.

    18) No "hitting" on other members of the channel

    Respect that other members are not to be "hit on" under any circumstances. They are here to play a game and do not wish to be bugged by other members trying to get a date over the internet. If you are found to be searching for a date or sexual relations with another member you WILL be banned.

    19) Spoilers of Movies/Games/Books

    Spoiling the plot of a movie, game, book or plot of anything in general is a terrible thing to do, don't do it or you may be subject to an immediate ban at the discretion of the moderators on duty.

    20) Staff Interpretation

    Please bear in mind that these rules can not anticipate everything. Therefore we reserve the right to take actions against any problems we deem appropriate to ensure the chat is not disrupted or abused in any way. We also reserve the right to ban anyone who wilfully violates these given rules, as access to our Chat is a privilege, and not a right.

    Please report any VDragonball member who violates these Chat Rules when a Chat Moderator is not present by logging a ticket in the new in-game helpdesk system. Your ticket should include the offending user’s name, the date and time, as well as a description or an example of what was offensive such as:

    Chat Conversation
    Print Screen

    Updated Rules written by AdamW - Game Master.
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