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Thread: Training bug.

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    Default Training bug.

    today at 15:00 till 17:00 I was getting 40mill pair click and when I come back on at 23:30 I am getting 20 mill pair click.

    I have all mystics that increase that det, all boosts that increase my det and all rare items and some cards.

    None have them have ran out and not of them are expiring (they all have a few good days left)-

    I just want to know why in a few hours has it just gone down by 20million? ):

    And I have checked everything please tell me what is wrong?

    My det keep going down when I take an item off that increases my det.

    Update: I unequipped all my suits and then put them back on and then I was gaining 6 mill with everything and I did it again and now 11 mill all together

    Also my hp and ki gain has gone from 100k to 70k pair click

    Update: It's back to normal now and everything is fine, but I hope you find this bug and fix it (:
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    Default Training bug also >.<

    I was training yesterday at around 42 mil and now its only 19?
    I have everything suits, cards, items, mysticals You name it...

    Please fix ASAP

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    You need to un equip and re equip all of your suits a few times then it should go back to normal ;D




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