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    Default Dragonball Z quiz (Winner get's 300dp)

    This quiz will start off easy then get uber hard

    1. what's goku's real name?

    2. what was goku's power level at birth?

    3. what did nappa say to vegeta about goku's power level?

    4. Who is the voice of vegeta and yamcha?

    5 who is the voice of goku and king kai?

    6. who created the dragonball universe (IRL)

    7. who was the strongest majin?

    8. why did vegeta become magin vegeta?

    9. who was the strongest none fusioned person in the magin saga?

    10. who's the worst singer in dragonballz?

    11. in what order did kid buu absorb they kai's?

    12. how much does ssj multiply a saiyans power level?

    13. Who went into space with goku in GT?

    14. What did vegeta do in gt to his face?

    15. what company created GT?

    16. how much time dose it take for the evil to go away after a wish on the dragonballs?

    17. What sword did gohan need to take out of a rock?

    18. how many times did hurcule save the world/ universe?

    19. Who's chichi's father?

    20. Was chichi's mother ever seen (any part of the body) in dragonball?

    21. who was roshi's alter ego?

    22.why was roshi mad at the ox king (In dragonball)

    22. What did goku do in order to lead up to the events of the androids and cell saga?

    23. Why didn't mystic gohan go ssj2 when he was fighting super buu?

    24. who is roshi's sister?

    25. What planet did the saiyans live on before they took it over?

    26. Why was vegeta so angry at goku and wanted to beat him all the time?

    27. Who's vegeta's brother?

    28. who was "chala-head-chala" writen by?

    29. how many dragonball related games have they been altogether

    30. hardest question of all time is here!!!!! Has bulma ever defeated any of frieza henchmen?

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    Answers 1 through 30: fish sticks

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    That is DEFINITELY IT L0tt0.

    I cant believe how SMART you are.

    You've earned it man.

    Go ahead and check your trade.

    Congrats and Salutations all that tried but didnt do as well as L0tt0.


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    1.) Kakarot.

    2.) 2.

    3.) When he was approaching the battlefield it was 5000. So in a few minutes ... Nappa : * Vegeta what does the scouter say about his power level!? *

    Vegeta : * Its over 9000 !!! *

    4.) Christopher Sabat

    5.) Sean Schemmel

    6.) Akira Toriyama

    7.) Uub ( The riencarnation of Kid buu)

    8.) He had a quest for power AKA. Babidi.

    9.) I reckon it was Gohan

    10.) Definately Krillin

    I cant be bothered anymore but L0tt0 was better than me.

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    1. Kakorot
    2. 2
    3. "9,000!? That's impossible!"
    4. Christopher Sabat
    5. Sean Schemmel
    6. Akira Toriyama
    7. Uub
    8. He desired power, to be free of all burdens holding him back.
    9. Gohan or Goku SS3
    10. Krillin
    11. Southern Supreme Kai (bulky form) then Grand Supreme Kai (fat form). He kills the North and West Supreme Kais
    12. Not trully stated, but the legend is that it increases x50
    13. Pan and Trunks (found Giru in space)
    14. Grew a mustache.
    15. Toei Animations
    16. 100 years?
    17. Z-Sword
    18. Twice, he helped goku get the energy he needed for the spirit bomb, he helped gohan become ss2 to fight cell by throwing the androids head towards gohan.
    19. Ox King
    20. no
    21. Jacki Chun
    22. (you have 2 number 22's) He was hurting people.
    22. he destroyed the red ribbon army in dragonball.
    23. Gohan with his mystic power allowed him to access all of his hidden power without having to go thru the strain of transforming.(in my opinion stupid)
    24. Baba the fortune teller.
    25. Planet Vegeta
    26. Goku was a low class saiyan, as he was the prince of all saiyans. goku made him feel lesser as a fighter for sparing his life as well as saving his life.
    27. Tarble
    28.Hironobu Kageyama
    29. There has been to many to count lol. atm i can think of 21.. but there are obviously more than that.
    30. Bulma was indirectly involved with defeating Blueberry and Rasberry.
    There will always be a NAMEKIAN, for i am here.




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