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    Default Burdock's Guide to Become Powerful

    OK, since the wiki is down and I've given this speech a lot, I figure I can at least make it official as it helps many of the new members, or if you will, "newbs,""noobs,"or even, "n00bs."

    Train in this order for the best balance. Determination -> Speed -> Attack/Defence -> Intelligence. I find it more important to have balanced stats than simply having determination 5 times higher with all other stats equal.
    Determination will improve most other stats, so keep it above your power level above all others. About twice speed is good. Then you have Speed, so keep that about 50%-80% above Attack and Defence. As for Attack and Defence, train them in any order you like as they're both of the same value. I prefer to keep them even, but how you prioritise them is up to you. Intelligence? Let that train itself.

    For the best training gains, it is imperative that you buy V-Tokens and trade them in for Dragonpoints(DP). With your DP, assuming you cashed in 10,000's worth, you must buy (Advanced) Instant Transmission and (a) gravity room/suits. Equip them and then be off to a home planet(as of this article, Vegeta is the best for gains). Now, as you are on the home planet, purchase a huge traveller's bag and 100 dino tail + dino milk - it is under the Magic Elixers section of the Healing Items in the Z-Shop. To make the bag effective, equip it as an item in the My Items section - with the suitcase icon. After such, but mystic items and boost items. Mystic items can be found in the Z-shop as well and once purchased are in My Equipment. The ones you will need are:
    1. Bone Crusher
    2. Crystal Sphere
    3. Hurricane
    4. Jaw Harpoon
    5. Shadow Shocker
    6. Soul Seeker
    7. Typhoon

    You will also need the following Boost Items(which will appear in My Items):
    1. Holy Water
    2. Potion of Wisdom
    3. Focused Soul
    4. Death Torture

    Remember that boost items last forever or until they run out whilst mystical items last for one week.
    If you wish to make some quick zeni, selling DP or tokens is the way to go! The true standard cost is 20,000 per DP and 1,000 DP = 1 token, so you can do the maths. Well, there is not much to say as the fighting system is bugged, but if that does become fixed, this article will be completed with a combat section. It shall also be revised from time to time. Good luck, new member. Enjoy your stay at VDragonball.
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    While the battle system is indeed slightly buggy, there's a way around it. What you need is a Mystical item called "The Destroyer of Worlds". It allows you to shrug off 90% of the damage deal to you, effectively making you impossible to kill with one hit. Another helpful mystical item is Scepter of Strike, it increases your attack accuracy by 10%, and there's also a very nice rare item called Z-sword, that increases your damage output by an additional 200%. With these items and a decent technique (basically one that you can kill with in one hit), I would recommend doing Battle Rage missions, 1 on 1, on deadly difficulty and with a full handicap, and switching to "No boost items" handicap when you need to replenish HP/Ki (do it with Dino Tail+Dino Milk, don't wait for Senzu Beans). It's somewhat of a grind, but you can still get a lot of both Zeni and Dragon Points that way, in addition to getting those Rare items that Burdock spoke about (Implants also fall in this category, although the best you can get from a mission is a Talisman.) There is also a chance of getting a Dragonball from Battle Rage, however, that requires a lot of grinding, as those are pretty rare - about 1 per 1000 battles in my experience.
    As far as training is concerned, if your are going the Saiyan way, as it is currently the best option, i would recommend only training Determination, consequently you only need the corresponding Boost and Mystical items. Trading cards are another thing that should be mentioned, as they also make training much easier, they can, however, only be purchased with Dragon Points, and last one month. For more info on cards: http://vdragonball.com/forum/showthr...plete-Handbook

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    Both Mods Define All The Way Of Getting Higher Gain In Training But There Is Little Small Thing Remain Which Is Combo Training(This Option Will Be Activated By Joining Clan Or Make Clan(And If You Make Clan Then U Must Add Members To Get Combo Training Bonus ) And Choose Active Member To Gain Combo Training Bonus).




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