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Thread: Suggestions

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    Default Suggestions

    So basically, i was lookin through the suggestion forum nd thought i'd make a thread with the most interesting/best suggestions (or the ones the game needs most) so here goes:

    1) Hall of fame: In the new update the Hall of Fame NEEDS to be changed and must be changed. Making so no one is allowed to wish/buy themselves a spot is definitely something that should be changed. Even making it so like 3-4 members are selected by the community every "xx" months, and those members get a spot in the hall. (or something like that)

    2) Pawn Shop: Basically the game needs something to help rid players of there inventory (like a pawn shop). Basically, you'd have an item and sell it to the pawn shop nd get like 5% zenni back from the original price. Of course there would have to be a limit of some sort to avoid people from selling back something that's about to expire, just so they can get money back. (maybe something like a 10 day limit)

    3) Wishing: I liked Pc's suggestion of wishing for Achievement Points. It could replace wishing for a hall of fame spot and would maybe give 5,000 AP per wish. (or even just half the persons level)

    4) Clan War System: I love Keta's idea for some sort of "war system" between clans. It would greatly improve the pvp and would give members more incentive to train even. Especially when/if conquering planets becomes available. Maybe even implement some sort of planet that if a clan owns they get an extra bonus for training that lasts for a couple hours. Naturally, the clan members would send a members of there clans to fight each other nd the winner would get to use the bonus for a hour or two. nd the cycle would repeat. Naturally the battle system would have to b fixed before this works.

    5) Universal Market: From Keta- I also like this idea from keta. A market where you can just put up your techs/items/dp that would last there a 72 hours or so nd if no one buys them you would get them back. There would have to be a limit to how many items you can put on the market though... (maybe like 2 per character).

    6) Cards: Cards to help decrease z-school time would also b pretty cool.

    7) Using Zenni to buy Dragon Points: make dragon points available in z-shop. Doesnt even matter how much they cost, it could be 100.000 for one DP, or more, as long as theres something of value players can buy with it. 1 DP could even be 1 million or something, doesnt matter, as long as theres actually something worth buying with zeni...(From L0tt0) the thread is here: http://vdragonball.com/forum/showthr...lance-the-game

    8) New Training system: Basically we were talking about training in the chat and how unbalanced/unfair it was. Meadow thought of this:
    Limit the amount you can train in a day. Then it rewards those who come each day.
    This way whoever atleast is active has a chance at being a strong member without having to rely on the amount of money they have.

    I think that's most of them but if you guys want to add anything feel free to. I'm gona sticky this thread so everyone (and K) can see it.
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    Yea I like this Brown...
    Except for the hall of fame thingy... It should be like a Lottery thing, If you wanna be in the Hall of fame then spend a few zeni to go in the draw to become in the hall of fame and have a chance and 5 people get selected and remains there for 1 month and then again restart the lottery...




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