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    Default OMG... pls stop reward bugs...

    300 enemies
    Difficulty: Deadly
    Handicap: Yes
    Time ~60min

    Reward: 702 Zeni

    that's a joke is it not?

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    Yeah... I did three of those...

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    i did this 9 times but reward is same

    game is glitchy

    maybe next expansion whould be great

    if u have any problem ask me
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    Well, do Survival Of The Fittest or any mission on really hard difficulty etc is pointless do to the bugs 'n' stuff. However, to get best results easily, do battle rage -> Any difficulty (even easy) -> 1-2 Enemies -> No healing, boost, mystical and rare items. Once you win, you shall get quite good items and zeni compared to 300 enemies that take forever -,-
    You can do any settings but always make sure you have "No healing, boost, mystical and rare items" enabled. Although this is a bug at the current state, I'm sure this is going to be evolved in the expansion. No worries.




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