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    Default i think combat is bugged

    ive been reading through the forums and it suggested i level up my stats more and i tried that and still cant even hit the enemies on easy.
    ts really bugging me that i cant beat anything on the game. ive jumped up over 160 level and still cant beat them. the only thing that could land was a melee or ki, and it did maby 26 damage. did they change how the attacks work because i remember ki and melee being able to do way more damage.

    i just want to know how to beat them, since the way that used to work has changed and i could find any info especially on the wiki which i keep getting pointed to. it just says level my stats and that isnt working.

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    lvl up some moves so they have greater accuracy and train speed more but dont make it ur highest stat

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    thanks got some of them to hit, but found out enemy would do a 6 mill hit on me learning new more power ful move but got 11 more days...

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    game is glitchy

    next expansion would be better than this

    if u have any problem u can ask me
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