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    Default The power Broly and the Z fighters.

    Broly is far stronger. broly beat the z fighters single handed in the first movie and the creator made him weaker in the sequels. I'm just saying this because he took constant hits from piccolo and goku in the first movie and gets defeated by water in the third. If you agree or disagree please tell why.

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    they were stronger in the second movie
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    They screwed Broly over again and again. It took all fighters to channel their energy into goku to even have a shot. Then in two it was two kids and Vadel.... really Vadel? a human who just learned to fly? she would be mush after taking a hit... and then Gohan wasn't training so he really wasn't stronger and goten and trunks had just reached ssj so that is not equivelent to vegeta, kid gohan, trunks, goku, piccilo, krillian...... Broly is my fav and they did him dirty
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