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Thread: Legacy Of Death

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    Default Legacy Of Death

    in a normal everyday town in earth in El Paso Texas, lived a boy named Rexus, he was a tall teen, going on at 6,2 feet. With Auburn hair flowing all the way down to his shoulders, all his life he had lived a peaceful existance, known nothing of pain, or misery, he was accustomed to a normal loving family, having a beautiful girlfriend, and friends who he cared for with his whole life, when suddenly in one day it all changed.

    Chapter 1: Capture

    The earth started Rumbling, meanwhile Rexus was sitting quietly by his desk taking notes, when the teacher ordered everyone to get below their desks. The rumble strenghtened, and the earth started shattering, suddenly a voice deep and dark spoke 2 words "Azura Cannon" and a bright light started heading towards him. He closed his eyes, and whispered "help me, oh god somebody help me" The building collapsed, and Rexus luckily was unhurt, meanwhile everyone around him lay dead in pools of blood.The rumbling stopped, and Rexus still lay crouched in a ball, but when he opened his eyes there was a man there standing in front of him, a scar running through his whole face, he laughed, picked up Rexus by his collar, and said "Objective captured" Rexus struggled, and tried to fight back but the man groped his neck harder, "stop it or ill crush it!" he screamed. Rexus closed his eyes and in a last futile attempt to escape kicked the man with a dynamite kick, without even realizing it. The man's smile dissipated, and spit out a drop of blood, and said "I think we could keep you, yes you'll do just fine, a new pet for my son.' Rexus told him "In your dreams!" but the man just smiled again "Quite feistly aren't you, we'll have to fix that" He rushed near Rexus, and whispered into his ear "goodnight" quickly before Rexus could realize what was happening he Swirl punch connected to his stomach, and he fainted. The man grabbed Rexus by his hair. and started dragging him, and then quickly started flying, until he reached a point in the air where the whole city could be seen from above. He woke Rexus up, his eyes slowly opened, "Here is your earth human, you no will help you, we're taking over!!!!" Rexus tough hazily saw that every which way he looked bodies laid down in blood, the earths surface was cracked, and every building was up in fire. "Can't you see how beautiful the earth looks now?" He then made restraints for him out of ki, and told him"struggle and these babies will cut right into your skin, hahaha" he flew him back to his ship, and left him in a cell in the pits of it. The plane took off, and left earth. Meanwhile Rexus laid unconscious on the floor.

    Find out what happens next in Chapter 2 Destruction

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    not bad story




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