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    Parker Guest

    Default You should finally Fix THIS Game

    Hey,will this game ever be fixed? Right now it's 99% of features don't work. Game is completely unplayable,and activity is absolute null.I visit this game whenever i got free time and want some fun,i played here also before many years.I look for news for a long time,but still nothing. This game had a lot of potential,but i see they let it die,noone cares at all. Idk why i make this post,i hope someone could see and take some action to make it better..Below i ll mention some problems i found on gameplay as of now...

    -Can't win missions,since u have no techniques to use (no matter equip/boost items etc.)(and no matter difficulty)
    -Can't find dragon points or zenis. (since u cant win a single mission). Cannot find any token,even in the market like past years.
    -Learning techniques don't work (after finish learn time,it does absolute nothing)
    -Can't travel through galaxy
    -Requires a lot of time to train,and u can do nothing else than waiting hours to pass,so u can complete every single session.
    -Pvp does NOT work
    -People don't know what stats do or their use,since this is nowhere explained
    -Companies not working at all (zenis,or creation)
    -Can't use SSJ at fight (tried on mission and do ABSOLUTE nothing)..
    And many,many,many,manyyyy more and way more problems..

    Idk why i make this post,i liked this game,and there was fun times and activity,i hope admin can fix this,to give a purpose for ppl to visit and play this game.This game was always my favourite browser-game...If fixes can't be done,at least i suggest staff to make it as it was,use older versions who worked... and try to revive community through advertising,game was a lot of fun and had great times..now there is no point for it to be up..FIX this finally please..Please...Or just close it,it pointless to exist if non playable...

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    The owner just left without bothering to even say anything. He didn't even close up the real money purchases so people were still trying to buy things and getting nothing in return after everything was dead.

    The idea of having a 3D world was a mistake IMO. It was way too ambitious and not even what people want; a game like this is kept best as a simple browser text game. I joined later, but I hear that years ago before the revamp this site was really active and popular. The owner had a good thing going, but ruined it by just vanishing.

    He could have passed on the site to somebody to continue it. I understand people grow tired of projects, or become too busy to keep it up, but in my opinion it's disrespectful and in poor fashion to just ditch the community that supported it without so much as a goodbye. I hope the people who put sent money to him for his non functioning game were reimbursed, as well, but I doubt it.

    My advice to the owner in the future; show more responsibility when leaving a project like this. You could revive this game now and make it even better but would many people come back to it? I doubt it. Even the most loyal and patient of people here got fed up and left eventually.

    Just thought i'd use this topic to share my thoughts on this as like many, the slow and steady fall of this game with much potential has been frustrating.




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