I am a former site admin. I am not the game creator.

The game has been in the current state you see for at least 2 years now. It is almost like a coma. There is almost no chance the game and website are fixed or completed.


I am probably the only person left now and I have no way to give you a refund or make the game give you what you paid for.

The game is playable in the state you see now. If you enjoy the features that still work please help yourself. There is occasionally someone checking the chat but you are really on your own. It is sad to write this but I am unsure if any announcement will ever be made formally.

This site was a wonderful moment for me even though it was short lived and came years too late. I am very thankful to K for his gift to all of us. So many great things happened here and inspired other great things to happen elsewhere. I wish I had met more of you and shared this experience fully. I am truly envious of the people who shared in it all.

-Brett Favre