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    tallica Guest

    Default How to lern a new Technique

    I've gone to My Techniques then click learn and the time expired. Now do I finish learning? If you look here: http://prntscr.com/dw6tl4 I've got only finish, which is not clickable and "X" which cancel the learning.

    Please help me.

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    Rkurnelm Guest


    I'm having the same issue, only option available is to cancel it, tried it with 2 different skills Swirl Kick and Punch and Ki Sword. I've capped out the effectiveness of my 3 basic skills and can't really progress (a 10 round rage battle took almost an hour and a half to complete with 13k zenni payout), and increasing attack and stamina has not increased their damage output (increased attack by ~100k and stam around 20k) by a single point, so without new skills progression has come to a grinding halt.

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    Rkurnelm Guest


    Oh yeah btw yes i know skills can be trained and upgraded further, problem with that is all 3 of my basic skills require 15 days to train to improve them, so not the best option.

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    Welcome to Vdb :) I'm sorry to say this, but the game is not in a working state. There is some good news on the bright side though. The owner is working on a new version. Once more information is out it will be released. I hope you guys can understand. For now there isn't much to do than to wait and see what the future brings. I'm sorry for any inconvience.

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    Rkurnelm Guest


    So technique training is broken eh? Well thanks for the heads up, glad to hear it is actually being worked on though, everything I've read and seen had me questioning that lol.




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