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Thread: Time Patrollers

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    Kanna Guest

    Default Time Patrollers

    Anyone who joins this clan will be able to go into the past present or future of any timeline and fix what is going on. You will also be able to repair distorted timelines. You can be of any race and any strength. You can also have some sort of special power or ability but I warn...you can only have one power. Guldo of the Ginyu Force for example can freeze time. You can have this ability if you want. There are no limits to what power you may have except one. You cannot say "super strength" or "the strongest person" if that were to happen everyone would know who would win and that would be no fun.

    Another thing my power/ability is element control(CALLED IT!) Also I would also be a half saiyan half elemian(a race from my book which controls elements but are still humans. They are basically evolved humans I guess you guys could say.)

    Thank You

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    Snowfang[is vegeta`s daugter] Guest


    can I join but how do I get started on the game

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    GOKUSSJB123 Guest



    - - - Updated - - -

    how do i get started playing the game




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