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    Default List of Suggestions

    This is a list of suggestions, actually requests to return the game to its former glory:

    Training- Personally, i believe this isthe main reason we sometimes lose new members, the training process takes forever. I dont see this as much of a problem, however, notice that before the training was timed, many players use to enjoy the training, and often challenged each other, making t game more competitive between players. Also, I noticed that people quit training all together after the update and things got less competitive. I am basically recommending and requesting the training to be back to the way it was before. Training itself opened such a big bag of fun back then. And the games features effected it.

    Planets- When the ability to travel planets was available, i was so excited, and I was even more excited when i finally reached the planet and did it's missions. Planets also greatly effected training for races individually depending on their home planet. Some planets offering great deals of training for all races as well. And being able to take them over increased clan competitiveness.

    Clans- this has always been a feature and has not vanished, however, i recommend requirements to get to make one. There are so many pointless clans that just flood the list.

    Lottery- I dont think this has been deleted so i wont address it.

    And also, its now impossible to get dragonballs and dragonpoints without)

    Trading- this is still great, but please allow us to trade techniques again.

    Dp battles- My favorite feature, fighting powerful foes for little bits of dragon points.
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    I like these suggestions except for training. Having an option for automated training is delightful. I and others have proposed that there be two ways to train (minimum) and one of them be with furious clicking.




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