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    Default Broly Second Coming Power Levels

    Goten: 25,000,000
    SSJ Goten: 1,250,000,000
    Trunks: 26,000,000
    SSJ Trunks: 1,300,000,000
    Videl: 28
    Broly(Zenkai): 80,000,000
    SSJ Broly: 4,000,000,000
    LSSJ Broly: 12,000,000,000
    Gohan: 46,000,000
    SSJ Gohan: 2,300,000,000
    SSJ 2 Gohan: 4,600,000,000
    Krillin: 4,000,000
    Omega Blaster: 15,000,000,000
    Family Kamehame Ha: 16,500,000,000
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    wait you know when Broly landed on earth an was in a state of stasis and personally that wouldn't count as a zenkai boost

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    because a saiyan has to be in a state of near death in order to get a zenkai boost like vegeta did in the Saiyan saga




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