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Thread: Forum Rules

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    Default Forum Rules

    1. Languages - Vdragonball now accepts multiple languages however we ask that you only post in threads which are designated for your choice of language.

    2. Cursing - Cursing is not allowed on the forums, any posts which contain this kind of language will be removed and the person who post it will receive a warning.

    3. No Advertisement/Posting Links - Posting internal links on the forums is fine but external links are not allowed. Posting external links without permission will result in punishment.

    4. Spamming - We ask that you do not post the same message multiple times on the forums.

    5. Threatening Behaviour - Every member of the Vdragonball community has the right to feel comfortable at all times. Any posts which are deemed to be threatening/aggressive. Will be removed and the appropriate action will be taken.

    6. Nudity - Nudity is forbidden, if a post contains this kind of material it will be deleted immediately and the user who posted it will face a permanent ban.

    7. No Sharing Personal Information - Do not share any of your person information on the forums. Doing so will result in a warning.

    8. No racial, religious, or sexually inflammatory language

    Respect all those using the forum and they will respect you back. This means that while you are on the forum you behave with manners and without discriminating another member. These offences are taken very seriously and can result in a straight off ban. Discussions about religion or any such subject is allowed as long as you are not aiming to insult the other party and are not offending other members on the forum. There will be no sexual discussion among members of the chat, nor any kind of suggestions of sexual acts or nudity. Such discussion will result in being banned.

    9. Personal Messages - The same rules apply with personal messages as they do with chat messages. Anyone found breaking the rules will face the appropriate action.

    10. No hitting on other members/Harassment - Everyone has a right feel comfortable while using the forum and for this reason we ask that you do harass or hit on other members. Anyone found doing so could receive a warning.

    11. No Illegal Activities - Any activities on this site that are illegal according to the English law will NOT be tolerated. All members are responsible for any illegal content on their own computer according to their own law. Vdragonball.com will not be responsible in any way.

    12. Spoilers - We ask that you do not post spoilers in the chat or on the forum. This includes material related to; TV shows, movies, anime, books, manga, comics and video games.

    13. Please bear in mind that these rules can not anticipate everything. Therefore we reserve the right to take actions against any problems we deem appropriate to ensure the chat/forums are not disrupted or abused in any way. We also reserve the right to ban anyone who wilfully violates these given rules.
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