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    Default 'The Surviving Saiyans' Recruitment

    Hi there, this is Jahez and I am recruiting members for my clan we are not the best clan but we are climbing higher on the clan list, 'we will be the best '
    so please join but there is a limit of ten people so join if you don't want it taken,if you do want to join but there is no space then I will try to get clan expansion, just give me a message and I'll try and get an expansion pack.
    Currently we are 30th in the clan list.

    And saiyans (half or pure) Only.
    That's because we are the Surviving 'Saiyans'.

    And please do join.
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    Default all saiyans and half saiyans may apply!!

    If you would like to join the surviving saiyans clan send a request to me superkidgohan on the clan section.i am a co-leader and i will notify you when you are accepted we need more members we r rank 22 and climbing if u would like to be an alliance send a message to our leader Jahez Ullah

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    I want to join



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