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    Default Training equipment

    I think that you should be able to train with more then one piece of training equipment at a time. Furthermore, I think the Z-Shop should let you buy more then one set of them at a time. I also feel like they should add an intelligence book or something, although that would be sort of cheating...

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    TE = BAD

    It ruins stats so i dunno why you talking bout this stuff
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    lol, that is the typical response from a person who doesn't know much about actually using Training Equipment.

    First off, Karim is going to be making the change to allow you to buy multiple sets of TE from the Z-Shop, as that is something even I have personally asked him to do among many others, he is however just a teenie bit busy working on the 3-D version of that game, so he will get to it at some point in the future

    As far as using multiple sets of TE at one time.. let me ask you this... can you bench press, do squats and curl all at the same time? I didn't think so, allowing you to use multiple sets of Training Equipment at the same time doesn't make any sense from a logical standpoint. That won't change no matter how much it might be convienent to a player that wants to level up and get stronger much faster :p

    And as for the Intelligence thing, since there is no TE that trains either Intelligence or Determination, Karim made boost items that increase those gains when you train them normally. These items can be found in the Boost Items section of the Z-Shop.

    As for Buaroza's comment, he is entirely wrong, TE does not ruin your stats. If anything, TE will make your stats better, as you can gain much more without leveling up, meaning if someone used TE to get to level 100 and someone else trained normally to get to level 100, the person that used TE would have much higher Attack, Defense and Speed. The only downside to this is that TE doesn't train your HP and KI. So the trick to using TE is simply to find a balance between your fighting stats and your HP and KI. ;)



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